SPTouch: Multi-purpose virtual button to emulate all physical buttons of your device.


With this fantastic Tweak called SPTouch you can have a small button accessible through all views like the original Assistive Touch.
You can use it to emulate all the most important physical buttons of yuor device in this way.


Lots of settings available:
* SPTouch Size
* SPTouch Color
* SPTouch Border Color
* SPTouch Transparency
* SPTouch Initial Side Position

Download It from the BigBoss Repo. (Installed by default in cydia).

Last Version : 2.0.3


Changelog SPTouch 2.0.3:
* Fixed a bug with PassCode and iOS 8.1.2. Now you can save your last position.

Changelog SPTouch 2.0.2:

  • [Bug fixing] Now SPTouch can save its position also after a respring.

Changelog SPTouch 2.0.1:

  • Fixed a bug now you can open camera from lockscreen without hiding SPTouch.

Changelog SPTouch 2.0:

  • It is now fully compatible with iOS 8.
  • Still remains compatible with iOS 7.
  • This update runs fast and smooth both in iOS 7 and iOS 8.
  • New preferences menu that is better organized respect the old versions.

* Better emulation of the home button.

* SPTouch can now close the “editing mode” when it is enabled.

* Added option to remember the “Last SPTouch Position” at startup.

* Now you can correctly lock the position.
* Is now possible to hide in the LockScreen. (Bug fixed).

* Added option to fix the position of SPTouch in one of the two default side of the screen.
* “One tap to close” bug is now fixed.
* Is now possible to also hide the border.

Activator is now optional and no more required to let SPTouch work properly. You must install it only if you want to use an activator gesture to show and hide SPTouch.
* Restored the long tap to lock the device as default and only option (removed the 3 taps gesture).
* It help to reduce the time necessary to show the app switcher (Previous version was slow).
* Added option to disable SPTouch in the Lock Screen.

* Is now possible to set an activator gesture to rapidly hide and show SPTouch.
* SPTouch is now also present in the LockScreen.
* I’ve decided to support only iOS 7 until all bugs in iOS 6 will be fixed.

Feel Free to donate to support the SPTouch project.

Donations Page 


Check out some good videos on YouTube. In this post I reported the video of DJFeeLOfficial. Thanks for doing that 😉

Best Reviews of SPTouch:

Here a playlist of all videos about SPTouch that I have found  on youtube


  • Yasin

    Please add long pressure to lock. 3 tap is not useful. You can add option. Thanks a lot.

    • Sure, When I fix the bug with the long pressure gesture I will add it as an option.

      • Yasin

        thanks for your reply.

        • It will come in the new version. Just submitted. It will be the only and default option to lock the screen. 3 taps gesture has been removed.

  • Alisa

    Hi, first of all thanks for an awesome tweak! There’s just one thing- now it appears on the LockScreen for default without a way to change that option, which I don’t like. Can u add an option to change that please? Much appreciated.

    • Sure 😉 not a problem… I will add in the next releases.

      • Alisa

        Thanks lots! 🙂

        • It will come in the new version. Just submitted.

  • Andreas

    Hello there

    I have a problem with latest version. Sometimes when i press the button once, instead of going to home screen it locks and need respring to fix for a while and then the same problem.

    Is there any solution?

    • Fixed in the new 1.0.7 version that I have just submitted in the repo. It will be available for download in a few hours.
      Please let me know 🙂

    • Have you enabled the “Hide in the LockScreen” option?
      I have disabled it in the new 1.0.7 version because it was the cause of the problem. I will read it in the next versions.

  • Anastasios

    Hi. Thank you for this amazing emulator. Just to ask you how can I always set it in one place permanent ?

    • This feature will come soon.

    • Anastasios

      It is ok now. It was my settings incorrect. Congratulations for this tweak it is very useful. Another suggestion : is it possible with another tap to be a power off button also ?

      • Thank you so much ;)… Maybe a triple tap can show a view with some other useful buttons

  • Anastasios

    Sometimes when I reboot ipad mini retina 7.0.4 the sptouch dissapears.I have to reinstall it again. Is it because of A7 ?

    • So strange… I will look 🙂

  • Kevin

    Single tap refuse to work after taking screen snapshot (power + home button)

    • what are your settings? It will help me to reproduce the bug… With my personal settings (default) it is ok.

      • Andreas

        Hello there

        Great tweek. Thanks
        I noticed that after i set lock position after some time it moved one rectangle below the set lock position. It happened 3 times during the day today. Do you have this bug in mind?


        • Thanks for the report… I will look for that

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  • Ro

    Hi.thank for this amazing tweat

    A suggestion
    Is this button hidden when video is playing or in certain apps?
    I don’t want to install activator.

    • Not for the moment. But this option will come…

      • Andreas

        Hello there

        still there is a bug regarding the lock position. When you respring the sptouch button moves a rectangle below the fixed position

        • Just submitted a new version. Use the option to Fix the position combined with the “Remember Last Position” at “initial position at start” option

  • Andreas

    Hello there
    Many thanks, most of the problems solved with the new update.

    The only thing i noticed after few time the 1 click to home position does not function and need respring.

    • Hi Andreas. Can you report the sequence of actions that broke the gestures recognizer?

      • Andreas

        Hello there

        I updated a tweak on cydia and then i went to settings to enable it and now the one tap to home screen is not working, need a respring

  • Andreas

    After a reboot the problem seems to be solved.

    Many thanks!!

  • Baderdossary

    Thank you for this awesome tweak, I’ve been using it for a while but today it suddenly disappeared, I tried removing it and re-installing but it didn’t work, anyone have a solution?

    • Hi, have you recently installed new tweaks? Maybe is an incompatibility.

      • baderdossary

        I’ fixed it! If anyone encountered similar problem, just go to
        and delete it then re-install

  • Andreas Zenios

    Hello there
    I noticed a bug when you take a screenshot (home button + power button) and then tap once to go to home screen is not working and need respring

    Is there any way to solve it?


  • Jake345

    This is a great tweak, thank you. The main reason for Assistive Touch I believe is for disabled people, so being able to enlarge the size of the button is very useful. Something else that I would like, is to be able to open a basic Volume / Brightness control panel with double tap.

    • thank you for your suggestions 😉

  • Shoeb

    I using iPhone 5s the sptouch suddenly disappeared even after really installing it doesn’t appear can you help

  • Shoeb

    I using iPhone 5c the sptouch suddenly disappeared even after really installing it doesn’t appear can you help

    • Can you send me the list of your installed tweaks?

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  • thanos

    Works great on iOS 7, but position is not saved after respring or restart, except that it sits on the right bottom without border, light transparency and grey color, not messing with phone’s screen, saved me from lots of headaches with my home button.

    • Hi, this is so strange… Have you tried it on iOS 8?

      • thanos

        Thanks for the reply, I cannot try it since my iPad Mini is not jailbreakable and no need since home button there is working ok. On iPhone 4 I have a faulty home button, so limited to iOS 7, dont get me wrong, your tweak works better than any other for that purpose, it just dont save the position after reboot/respring, and also changing color, transparency, or border hide/color it moves as well from the position it is, no matter what if position fix is enabled.

        • Thanks for all the details. I will try to figure out the problem.

          • thanos

            No worries, it works very well, just this position thingy need a bit tweaking and its perfect! Thank you.